The have dead grass (or tan), and I have been watering is it grubs?

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More than likely its fungus….

In the transition zone from warm season turf and cool season turf we have a difficult time getting anything to stay looking great! In the Spring, your cool season grasses (Bluegrass and Fescue) look great while your warm season looks dead and just the opposite in the middle of the summer unless… You water! Even with watering cool season grasses can have problems. With the temperatures being higher we tend to water more. With watering more, we keep the grass blades wet longer that can cause issues as well. The major issue is Fungus!

What is Fungus and what causes it?


Fungus is a disease that attacks the plant’s leaves in a few different ways. Some will start at the tip, some with start in the middle of the leaf and others will start at the crown of the plant. With little air movement and water, the plant (grass) doesn’t dry out. This will cause the grass to start to brown, without looking at the blades of grass most people just add more water. This is just like adding gas to a fire!
Other causes are heavy rains in the morning and water standing or ponding for a while and the temperatures go up during the day and the humidity is up, again not allowing it to dry out.
Not mowing at the right height or allowing the grass to get too long can cause this as well. Brummel Lawn keep all turf at 3.5” during the summer months, while its long enough to keep the grass green its short enough to help air move.

If I have it what do I do?


First you can call Brummel Lawn, we can come out and help you know what you have! With fungus it can get costly, as the chemicals are not cheap.

  1. Chemically treat it once you have it, it must be sprayed twice, within 21 days to ensure its knocked out.
  2. Cut back on the water to help the grass dry out between the watering cycles.
  3. Wait for the temperature and humidity to come down, once the night lows drop below 65 and the humidity come down the likely hood of the fungus to continue is low.
  4. Do nothing and wait unit fall and call Brummel Lawn to reseed the lawn.

What can I do to prevent it?

  1. Manage your water and the times you water
    • Don’t water at night
    • Water early mornings
    • Try not to water every day, longer and deeper is better!
  2. Brummel Lawn offers a preventive once a month application May-July or August, to control most fungus.
  3. Aeration and verti-cutting in the fall and/or spring to help the air and water move though the leaf blades.
  4. Proper fertilizing amounts, at Brummel Lawn we adjust our fertilizer program year to year to keep a green and healthy lawn. Nitrogen can be great to give you a green lawn quickly but can also help fungus expand, so there is more to it then just buying a bag of fertilizer! Timing is everything!

Please call your Brummel Lawn specialist with any questions, as we would love to help you have a great looking lawn like the Kansas City T-Bones!


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Chief Executive Officer for Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC. Nick has a bachelors degree in Horticulture from Northwest Missouri State University. Nick started Brummel Lawn & Landscape LLC while still in college and has grown the business ever since.
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